Forum discussion meeting with factory owners was held


After the success of Forum’s previous interactive discussion session, Forum Leaders with BGMEA members again talked to an open & interactive discussion session held at Gulshan Club, Dhaka on Jan 13, 2024 on the subject of RSC (RMG Sustainability Council). Responding to the invitation, 180 business owners of different factories attended the program.

Faisal Samad, the Panel Leader of Forum and the BGMEA president candidate, chaired the discussion session.

During the session, Nafis Ud Doula, the director of RSC, elaborated on the key issues related to RSC Remediation. He discussed the five main problems regarding RSC.

The general members actively participated in the open discussion, expressing their views and opinions on various issues and potential solutions related to the challenges in the RSC-related matters.

Dr. Rubana Haq, the former BGMEA president, assured the garments owners that “If Faisal Samad becomes the next BGMEA President, I will personally ensure and guarantee that there will be not a single problem regarding RSC.”

Panel Leader Faisal Samad addressed the concerns raised during the discussion and presented possible steps that he will take to address them. He emphasized that if elected, every member would work in the best interest of BGMEA.